Alphacool GPX SLI Connector - Single - Plexi



Modders had to wait a long time. But now they are available:
The Alphacool GPX SLI Connector in Plexi edition.
As with its predecessors are here also LED holes admitted to illuminate the SLI connector.

More details


Installation is very simple using the included fittings. The special connections have on one side the ¼ "thread and on the other side just a straight piece of pipe which is simply plugged only into the SLI bridge (double O-ring). So the installation can also be done if the coolers are mounted.

Important: Please note that you need for the following GPX cooler our GPX extensions.
If they do not exist in the delivery of the corresponding GPX cooler, feel free to contact us.
Alpha NexXxoS GPX - Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 M01 - with Back Plate - Black

Scope of delivery:

1x SLI bridge

Alphacool recommended for correct operation of the water cooling distilled water!