Jonsbo MOD1 Black/Green


New product

The Jonsbo MOD1 case convinces users with its innovative open design. Extensive customer surveys were incorporated into the development of the MOD1, especially here watercooling users were asked about their wishes. By any resulting unique design Jonsbo has created a truly impressive platform for water cooling.

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The rugged exterior is highlighted visually appealing green color elements while emphasizing the high quality materials which have been processed in MOD1. The extravagant, unusual design automatically draws attention to itself. A clearly visible highlight is the design of the protruding aluminum panels and tempered glass, which not only allow a glimpse of the inner workings, but also ensure a constant supply of fresh air into the interior of the housing. An advantage of this design: When installing additional fans they can contribute freely for optimum cooling of the system.

The chassis itself has an aluminum-magnesium alloy and consists of high-quality 3.0 mm thick anodized aluminum. The wall and ceiling panels, however, are made of 5mm tempered glass and give the case as an impressive stability.

But not only the exterior is kept particularly abusive, the interior is a perfect match to. The power supply placed compact in the specially designed holder behind the front panel - a well-organized cable management allows a clean lay the cable. The power supply can be found but as usual on the rear side, an appropriate cable for looping the current is firmly installed.

Below the power supply there are also mounts for the hard drives. Four individually removable HDD slide can be used to install hard drives. can be at the top of this mount each 3.5 "drives. A highlight of the MOD1 is the ability to simultaneously to be screwed on the bottom 2.5 "SSD. These stands can accommodate the housing bottom, another mounting space for a SSD is available, which, if required up to nine drives in MOD1.

The ventilation system of the MOD1 can be optimized by a number of fans. Thus, for the cover 3 x 120mm fan mount in order to achieve an additional cooling effect. At the back of mounting options 1 x 120 mm fan are given while can install x 120 mm fan on the housing base. 3 Likewise, each mounting points for 3 x 120mm fans found behind the front panel.

It also supports 2 x 360 mm water cooling systems, the radiators in the bottom and in the cover can be installed. In order not to cause complications with the motherboard, but before installing the height of the radiator should be checked. A dust filter beneath the floor ensures that no dust can penetrate into the housing from the outside. These are easy to remove and clean.

Externally, the user has two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, as well as the mandatory audio and mic ports. Thus, external drives or USB flash drives can be connected quickly and easily.

In addition, the MOD1 is equipped with an innovatively lit Jonsbo badge.

Standard ITX. M-ATX. ATX. XL-ATX
3.5 "bays internal 4 x
2.5 "bays internal 5 x
Case fan (front) opt. 3 x 120 mm
Case fan (rear) opt. 1 x 120 mm
Case fan (top) opt. 3 x 120 mm
Case fan (bottom) opt. 3 x 120 mm
Ca. 505 mm
Width 250 mm
Depth about 638 mm
Weight 19 kg
Material Aluminum. hardened glass
Maximum length graphics card 400 mm
Maximum installation height CPU cooler about 175 mm