Alphacool tube AlphaTube HF 13/10 (3/8"ID) - clear Mărește

Alphacool tube AlphaTube HF 13/10 (3/8"ID) - clear


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Tubes are the lifelines of a water cooling system! This is the newest generation from Alphacool

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Deep, intense colors, pleasant handling and easy installation were the goals when developing this tubing generation. The result is a great choice of sizes and colors such as red, green, blue or black.

When designing these tubes, one goal was to make colored coolant and hence the strain from coloring particles on the cooling loop obsolete. With these tubes the color comes from the tubes themselves.

Besides color, the installation and kinking properties are always an important factor when choosing tubing. Tight bending radiuses and easy handling in tricky situations were also taken into consideration during development. Hence the plastic mixture was developed to perfection and we have created tubing which manages to combine usually opposing properties to please both beginners and advanced users.