Nanoxia CoolForce No.1 - UV Green - 1.000 ml


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Under the label "CoolForce - powered by Nanoxia" we present selected water-cooling components for sophisticated water cooling enthusiasts.

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Corrosion protection
To be able to operate smoothly your system as long as possible, we have in the UV Acid Green Additional placed the priority on the protection against corrosion:

Different manufacturers of liquid cooling systems use different types of metals in their systems, which are often used together. In order to protect the metal components before the corrosion, we have developed a coolant which in particular protects the metals copper, aluminum, brass and nickel. The special feature in this case with the inhibitors which prevent the corrosion of metal parts in the cooling circuit. Through our special mixture with any additional water cooling system is compatible.

UV active
Through the addition of various pigments and dyes, the liquid gets the appropriate color. With addition of UV active materials, so-called artificial tracers, the liquid is irradiated with light of a suitable wavelength - stimulated to emit light - in this case, ultraviolet light. For this already enough a bright LED UV lamp. Depending on hose size, type and wall thickness UV Acid Green may have different effects in different systems under UV light.

Quality control
The Liquids and all components are manufactured and supervised in Germany.

We recommend the liquid again to change annually.

The liquids are examined each month for consistency and various endurance tests subjected to cooling systems. With the CoolForce liquids you always receive products of outstanding quality.

UV Active Properties
Stable HDPE bottle
Conductivity <10 microseconds / cm (20 ° C)
Spray closure - no funnel needed
Ready to use - no mixing required
Corrosion protection for copper, nickel, aluminum and brass
Prevents algae growth in the cooling system
Compatible with all available PC watercooling systems
Unopened shelf expiry time 3 years