Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear Kanister 2500ml Mărește

Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear Kanister 2500ml


New product

Alphacool CKC is a specific high-efficiency coolant that matches to materials and elements used for PC water coolings. CKC is based on materials whose usabilitiy has been proved and tested in industrial application for many years. The outcome of this is a fully developed product in a new field of application.

More details


CKC contains a specific and highly effective copper-anticorrosive without including ingredients such as ethylene glycol, ethanediol or similar additives, provides full heat capacity of water, eliminates and reduces algae and bacterial growth and contains further corrosion inhibitors.
Alphacool CKC has the ability to conserve full heat capacity of water. It doesn't contain typical antifreezer, but can be mixed with them. Coolants that base upon antifreezer are not allowed to contain less than 25 per cent of antifreeze in order to eliminate algae and bacterial growth which are responsible for reducing heat capacity.
CKC is compatible with copper, brass, coatings of nickel, chrome platings, anodising (coated) aluminium, plexiglass (PMMA), POM and synthetic materials for pump bodies such as PPS-GF40 (Laing DDC ® etc.) as well as PUR-, PVC- Tygon®, Masterkleer® hoses.

Chemical characteristics and security advice for the use of Alphapool CKC:

- odourless, transparent and not irritant
- not in need of a hazard declaration
- product is not subject to a declaration obligation in the sense of EC regulations
- Take note of usual precautions in working with chemical products!
- incombustible, not pyrophorous, inexplosive
- biodegradable, not hazardous to waters
- medical advice:
- not suitable for kids, it must be kept out of childrens' reach (S2)
- Don't eat or drink while working with the product! (S 20)

Scope of delivery:
1xbottle (2500 ml), mixture ready for use.